Company History

Michael and Margarethe Adler with their family from Viernheim take over the former Hugel inn and the butchery in Lindenstraße in Bonndorf.
1935 The son Hans Adler and his wife Liesel take over the butchery and inn. The range of sausage products is increased.
1955 In the 50s the mail order business with Black Forest smoked products commences.
1959 1959 is the birth year of Black Forest ham.
1963 Adler inn is closed. The abattoir and meat cutting plant is erected on the present-day company premises.
1964 Founding of Hans Adler OHG Schwarzwälder Fleischwaren. The son Peter Adler becomes co-partner and systematically promotes the production of smoked products.
1967 The logo with the “Adler”-rhombus becomes a trademark symbol.

The manufacture of Burehäxle (knuckle of pork) and Schäufele (shoulder of pork) commences.


Hans Adler leaves the company upon reaching retirement age (+ 1976) and the son Hansjörg joins the family-owned company as a partner.

1975 The first portion of sliced Black Forest ham leaves the production line in self-service packaging.
1975 An air-matured ham, with the name “Alemannian ham”, is added to the product range.
1985 Adler acquires Kinzigtäler Fleischwaren GmbH, Haslach and Schwarzwaldrauch GmbH, Achern, which subsequently is renamed to Schwarzwaldfleisch GmbH.
1993 Filligrano – the thinly sliced and mild smoked bacon is launched.

The specialisation on ham products is further promoted by building up a pure ham business in Achern and by founding Schinkenhof GmbH & Co. KG.

1997 In 1997 the European Union registered "Black Forest ham" as a "protected geographical indication", for the protection and appreciation of agricultural foods of a special character and foods with protected designation of origin.
1998 Under the "quick cuisine" (convenience foods) trade name, sliced pork sausage was introduced to the market. A variation of this is the Strasbourg sausage salad with cheese.

Landjäger (spicy smoked sausage), the spicy sausage snack in an angular shape, was the first product to be launched on the market in self-service packaging.


The Hans Adler OHG and Schinkenhof GmbH & Co. KG have been certified in accordance with the International Food Standard.


Schäufele, extra lean cooked shoulder of ham, is a genuine ready-to-eat treat and can be served both hot and cold. Cut into slices, Schäufele (shoulder of pork) is the ideal keep-fresh pack for small  households.

2005 The "quick cuisine" brand is supplemented by other variations containing regional specialities – such as the Swabian and Bavarian sausage salad.
2006 Novelties are: the coffee-time snack in the pack of two: Twins - Schwarzwürstle,
Leberwürstle and Bauernbratwürstle (black sausage, liver sausage and farmer’s fried sausage) as well as the Black Forest Schäufele (shoulder of pork), served in a practical tray. In this innovative packaging, the Schäufele (shoulder of pork) can easily and simply be prepared in the microwave oven or in a water bath.
2010 For the high-quality Adler specialities and gifts Black Forest meat introduced the SchwarzwaldArt brand name.

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